Words and butterflies: femininity / Palabras y mariposas: feminidad (ilustración de Duy Huynh)
My life.My life.

Relevant. I am reading those kitschy Richard Castle books after all.

Here is my Reichenbach Fall theory:


Sherlock did jump truly.

No fakes.

No dummies.

…and do want to know how he survived?


…and it is as simple as that.

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One of the weirdest things I’ve come across: crocheted scene from ‘The Exorcist”. Tasteful…




books that make more sense:
A Guide to Speaking English, by Sofia Vergara
A Guide to Not Dying, by Dean Winchester
A Guide to Making Friends, by Sherlock Holmes
A Guide to Pop Culture Movie References, by Castiel
A Guide to Dancing, by Stephen Hawking
A Guide to Singing, by Helen Keller
A Guide to Driving, by London Tipton
A Guide to Being Stupid, by Bill Nye
A Guide to Abstinence, by Tiger Woods
need i go on

A Guide to Healthy Relationships, by Taylor Swift
A Guide to News Reporting by Fox
A Guide to Being Gay, by Straight People
A Guide to Being Poor, by Bill Gates
A Guide to Presidency, by Mitt Romney
A Guide to Being Funny by Seth MacFarlane

A Guide to Being the Best Blog on Tumblr, by TheAbsoluteMostFunniestPosts

Good God.