Restoration, 08x18

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I want to go to a bookstore and sit there and read and then have a boy walk up to me and comment on the book I’m reading and then he’ll sit down with me and talk to me about it and then we’ll fall in love and get married and read books together like is that too much to ask

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The Walking Dead Comics Masterpost

If any of these links aren’t working, please let me know.

Volume 1 - Days Gone Bye (Issues 1-6)

Volume 2 - Miles Behind Us (Issues 7-12)

Volume 3 - Safety Behind Bars (Issues 13-18)

Volume 4 - The Hearts Desire (Issues 19-24)

Volume 5 - The Best Defense (Issues 25-30)

Volume 6 - This Sorrowful Life (Issues 31-36)

Volume 7 - The Calm Before (Issues 37-42)

Volume 8 - Made to Suffer (Issues 43-48)

Volume 9 - Here We Remain (Issues 49-54)

Volume 10 - What We Become (Issues 55-60)

Volume 11 - Fear the Hunters (Issues 61-66)

Volume 12 - Life Among Them (Issues 67-72)

Volume 13 - Too Far Gone (Issues 73-78)

Volume 14 - No Way Out (Issues 79-84)

Volume 15 - We Find Ourselves (Issues 85-90)

Volume 16 - A Larger World (Issues 91-96)

Volume 17 - Something to Fear (Issues 97-102)

Volume 18 - What Comes After (Issues 103-108):

Issue 103 // Issue 104 // Issue 105 // Issue 106 // Issue 107 // Issue 108

And now you are all caught up on TWD comics.


Michonne Special // Michonne’s Story Just the 6 paged origin story

The Governor Special // Survivors’ Guide

Comic Book Readers:

Comic Rack (Windows) // Simple Comic (Mac)

Universal Free File Opener:

WinRar (Windows) // Zipeg (Mac)

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Illustration for the March issue of Plansponsor— it’s about looking for guidance. Mint and neon? Yes please! I had so much fun experimenting with shapes and washes on this one. The unicorn body started out as a black shape with white charcoal drawn on top.

Thanks as always to AD SooJin Buzelli!


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Slim Harpo macaron-clutch by Olympia Le-Tan.


Edgar Allan Poe Tales Illustrations by Pavel Ripley (Artist on tumblr)

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it’s a very sophisticated show i swear 

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